About Us

We offer business spaces since 2013.


We offer flexible integrated spaces and services for teams of one to more than 200 people.

In 2013, Groundwork was born through a Lemancore initiative to offer more options in spaces and services for Mexican and foreign companies.


Groundwork offers 100% integrated spaces and services in buildings where Lemancore owns with the mission of facilitating the operation of companies adapting to the growth of each one.


Lemancore is a company with more than 15 years of experience, dedicated to developing, operating and managing corporate office buildings. Today the group has more than 100,000m2 in 10 buildings in Monterrey and its metropolitan area.


Today Groundwork operates more than 5,000 m2 in Lemancore buildings and facilitates the operation to more than 150 companies, from entrepreneurs, businesses and international firms.


We believe in people who believe in themselves.

We believe in your projects, your ideas and desire to excel. We share your dreams and help make them come true. Their aspirations inspire us to move forward, open more doors and create growth opportunities.


It is not necessary to make an initial investment, since our offices have all the services included and furniture, therefore all the fixed expenses that may arise in a traditional or local office, we absorb them.

All services included

Our spaces have all the necessary amenities to run your business.

Professional Staff

Our approach with the members makes us know them not only in the labor aspect, but in the human aspect to provide them with an atmosphere of familiarity and trust.

Leman Club

Get exclusive benefits by being part of the LEMANCORE Family. How to use spaces in our various properties.

One monthly payment

Use our Cowork service and see the benefits.

Covered Parking

We have a large parking lot for users and guests.

Contract flexibility

Your business grows and we grow with you (possibility of increasing space).


Learn about topics of interest by external exhibitors, or by a Groundwork member.


Increase your network of contacts and transform the way you work.

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